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Chlorate Candles

Chlorate Candles OC Lugo

The OCLugo, Co. is the primary contractor to the United States Navy for Emergency Oxygen Systems.  We are capable of producing various sizes and output levels of oxygen to fit any application.  The OCLugo Co. also produces the housing for the oxygen generator.

Chlorate Candles

Chlorate Candle Model 3300

Chlorate Candles are manufactured with the highest quality to ensure that a specific quantity of life-sustaining Oxygen is provided via chemical reaction.


Military, Mining, Aircraft and Safe Havens (where safe atmospheric conditions are required and maintained through Oxygen replenishment.)


Sodium Chlorate is utilized for Oxygen production. The Chlorate Candle is provided in a sealed can/container for safe and secure storage, until ready for use.

Proper training and routine equipment maintenance are needed to ensure a safe, reliable Oxygen delivery process (Please refer to Chlorate Candle Furnace Manual prior to operating or before conducting maintenance.)


Oxygen Produced 
per Unit:

> 3341 Liters

Weight of Unit:
(candle only)

26 – 26.5 lbs.

Weight of Unit:
(candle in can)

approximately 28 lbs.


11 3/8″ – 115/8″

Burn Time:

50 minutes +/- 10 minutes

Carbon Monoxide

< 25 parts per million (ppm)

Chlorine Generated:

< 2.5 parts per million (ppm)

Additional Information

Packaging, Transport +

Chlorate Candles are packaged four (4) units per box, twelve (12) boxes per pallet. Total pallet weight is 1470 pounds. Chlorate Candles are considered a 5.1 oxidizer, classified as Hazardous UN 3356 and are packaged in accordance with IATA or IMDG regulations. Spent Chlorate Candles are considered non-hazardous and may be disposed of through a specialist waste contractor.

Storage + Handling:

Store in a clean, cool dry place. Strong Oxidizer. Contact with other material(s) may cause fire. Product may ignite if temperature exceeds 400 F (209 C). Never allow water, oil, grease or combustibles to contact candle. Keep away from strong acids and reducing agents. Keep away from heat, spark, or flames. Wear rubber gloves when handling unburnt candles due to possible skin irritation.


When working with Chlorate Candles in relation to the Chlorate Candle Furnace, please keep in mind that some components of the furnace may be hot after use. Proper personnel safety gear is to be used when handling spent Chlorate Candles. Please refer to the furnace manual for precautions prior to using the Chlorate Candle Furnace. Please refer to the Chlorate Candle Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) prior to using. Proper training for using the furnace and related products is necessary for safe and reliable Oxygen delivery.


The O.C. Lugo Co., Inc. will replace any material found to be defective, but accepts no liability through improper storage, handling or application of this product.


All data provided herein is based upon years of research, laboratory testing and actual product usage. The O.C. Lugo Co., Inc. makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning this information.